Paper Prices on the Rise with No End Anytime Soon.

Tight paper market and price increases still plagued the industry.

Be sure to consult with your Thomson-Shore team on paper options on your next title to avoid unexpected delays or expenses.

White paper in book, white paper.

Paper mills are seeing higher prices for raw materials which is one of the contributing factors causing the increase in prices. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, the Producer Price Index for pulp, paper, and allied products has risen from 177.2 in June 2017 to 219.0 as of July 2018. Meaning over the last year, the industry has seen an increase of just under 24% in prices.

Key industry takeaways regarding Georgia Pacific Closing of Port Hudson Mill end of February.

Some Numbers

-        Annual Uncoated Tons in the U.S.                            8 million tons

-        Port Hudson (GP’s mill that is closing)                     600,000 tons   (or 8% of all uncoated tons in North America)

o   About 9% of all cut size

o   About 7% of all web & related

-        650 Jobs lost

-        For scale IP Riverdale 15 change next year            200,000 tons

While these factors can not be controlled, what can be done is to have a conversation with the Thomson-Shore Sales or Customer Service team to see what are the best options for your title to avoid unnecessary delays. We are here and to happy help advise customers during this unpredictable time.